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From start ups to established titles, launches to evolutions, Charley understands what it means to take an idea and commit that concept to print. From Editor-in-Chief roles in the UAE and Singapore, to co-launching the very first entrepreneurial magazine for women in the Benelux region, Charley's thorough knowledge of all aspects of magazine production and markets make her an undisputed value-add to your publication or website.

Magazine Editor


In an age where personal brands are just as visible as professional ones, it can be difficult to get noticed. Whether it's for your website, and brochures or your social media platforms and bi-monthly newsletters, Charley translates your aesthetic into community-growing prose and garners ultimate results.
Having worked with an elite range of clients from exclusive yacht brands to international polo clubs, financial services to luxury hotels, Charley is able to extract and share your authentic story.

Luxury copywriter


Charley lives to travel. Whether it's photographing kampong fishermen in Indonesia, sourcing the bluest waters in Sicily, racing Jeeps across moonscape deserts, or gossiping over dominos in Little Havana, her passport is always close-to-hand. She is also partial to a chat, side-stepping small talk in exchange for real conversation; a valuable tool when searching for
a new-angle interview or sourcing an
From quick-read city guides, to cover story features; from in-depth interviews, to sports coverage, Charley's work runs the gamut as a travel and features writer. 

Travel & features writer


After several years of presenting awards at sporting finals from London's Wembley to Dubai's international polo grounds, Charley has picked up the mic to host industry events and lead panel discussions in Singapore and Luxembourg. Looking for an MC or panel host for your next media event? Show reel coming soon...

LUX WMN Luxembourg panel host.jpg
Event presenter
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